Universal remote control - Guest

Universal remote control - Guest

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Technical Specifications

  • Controllable devicesTV
  • Database updatePredisposed to reprogramming
  • Ideal forHotel and center


The “Guest” is a simple remote control for TV only, designed for community structures, such as hotels, hospitals, retirement homes, prisons etc.
It is compact, only about 130 mm long and 55 mm wide, and has an extremely ergonomic shape.
The Guest Plus remote control model features 7 basic keys (volume +/- Programma +/- ON/OFF mute and pre-assigned extra function), plus a 0-9 number keypad for selecting programmes directly and televideo function keys. 
The Guest remote control will never be obsolete, as it can always be reprogrammed by downloading a constantly updated, application programme from the internet. The remote can be programmed in two ways:
- in the factory at the customer's request, who must provide the manufacturer, Meliconi S.p.a. with the model of the television the remote will be used on;
- directly and easily by the customer themselves (for example, the hotelier) using :
> a Personal computer with a “Windows” operating system
> a small programming module supplied on request by Meliconi spa and connected to a personal computer via the USB socket (see USB module image)
> an application programme that can be reached at the web address printed on the box of the product
For the setup instructions please refer to the above mentioned program

To make sure Guest is compatible with your TV model, click on the above link "Find the code for your remote control" and follow the instructions on the screen


  • TV only
  • Simplified keypad
  • hotels and communities